Business Insurance

You can’t control some business risk, like economic downturn, but you can plan for other risks and events. This planning can mean the difference between success and failure.

We can help you protect against the risks you would face if you, or one of your business partners, became ill or could no longer actively work within the business, or if a key staff member was incapacitated.

We can also help you secure funds to buy out a business partner on their retirement, or their family or estate should they pass on.

With a little foresight your business can continue functioning even when you can’t – contact us because our business is protecting your business.

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Business Assets Insurance

The principal asset risks which business owners need to insure are buildings, business contents, and other property such as plant, equipment and vehicles. Personal accident insurance and business interruption insurance are also considerations – appropriate advice is necessary to ensure you cover all the bases and are fully aware of the potential risks.

Business Liability Insurance

There are many different potential liabilities that a business owner needs to be aware of and specialist advice is necessary to ensure you are adequately covered for your particular circumstances including: Liability Insurance, Public Liability, Broadform Liability, Employers Liability, Professional Indemnity, Statutory Liability and Directors and Officers Protection.

Business Overheads Insurance

This is designed to protect your business, not just your income. Should you become ill or disabled it covers the basic fixed running costs of your business.

Commercial Loan Repayment Insurance

This cover creates cash to repay or assist in repaying business debt, and release any guarantee, if a business owner dies or is disabled. Sole Traders or Partnerships are personally liable to an unlimited extent for obligations incurred in the normal course of business, and often directors and shareholders of limited liability companies are required by lenders to personally guarantee borrowings.

Group Medical and Health Insurance

Lets face it, sooner or later most of us are going to need medical treatment in one form or other. This insurance can pay for that medical treatment, and can help prevent you and your family from incurring unnecessary delays waiting for treatment through the public health system. Most Medical insurance policies taken today cover hospital and surgical cover only, but there are many different options available.

Key Person Insurance

In most businesses people are the main assets – they have all the ideas and knowledge. It maybe that the loss of the Principal, a shareholder or even a junior employee would result in a significant decline in the profit or value of a business. The list of potential difficulties is almost limitless – in some situations even the temporary or partial disability of one or more key people from a business may be catastrophic. We can help you develop a cost effective protection plan covering your Key People

Succession Planning and Shareholder Insurance

The unexpected death, disablement or illness of a business co-owner could easily throw your business into disarray. So it’s important to establish a contingency plan to get your business promptly back on track. A Succession Plan provides prior agreement and pre-arranged financing to fund a change in ownership when a business owner or shareholder dies, becomes seriously disabled or retires.