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Investment Advice

There are many different types of investment, and there are certain fundamental investment rules which remain constant, helping to ensure your financial success.

Help Your Savings Grow

  • Spread your risk by diversifying into a wide range of investments.
  • If you are expecting a higher return the investment will almost certainly be riskier.
  • Take on only as much risk as you feel comfortable with.
  • Stay for the long term, rather than try to time markets.
  • Don’t rely on past performance as a guide to future performance.

We can help you decide on an investment strategy you feel comfortable with.


Cash Accounts

Cash Accounts are for those who wish to invest for the shorter term, with the flexibility to invest regularly or add additional sums to the original. These investments are best suited for the funds you may need immediately, for your rainy day or emergency fund.

Cash investments may have a lower rate of return than fixed interest investments, but they offer easier access to your funds.

Fixed Interest

Fixed Interest investments typically pay a higher interest rate than cash accounts as they are invested for longer periods and can sometimes be locked in for a fixed term.

Generally they are best suited to conservative investors with funds that are not needed immediately. Not sure what is best for you? Let’s chat.


Investment Funds and Managed Trusts

These investments are ‘pooled investments’. This means your money is combined with that of others, and then invested on your behalf by professional Fund Managers. Pooling resources enables you to access a wider variety of assets and achieve greater diversity than is usually the case when acting alone.

Investment Portfolio

An Investment Portfolio is a collection of investments, and diversifying simply means ‘not putting all your eggs in the same basket’. We have access to fully diversified investment portfolios which allow you to achieve a balance between income, capital growth and security.