Get on track for the retirement you really want.

Is Your KiwiSaver Investment Working Hard For You?

Why even save for retirement? Well these days, with vastly improved health and nutrition, you could easily enjoy 20 or even 30 years of active retirement.

Will you be able to afford the lifestyle you’d like? Or are you saving for your first home?


Your choices in retirement are only limited by 2 things – your health and your savings.

We can help to ensure you have enough money to cover all your retirement needs, so you don’t have to compromise your plans or dreams.

With good planning, sensible investments and sound financial advice, you’ll be on track for the retirement you want.


Meet Tim

Tim Waldon is our KiwiSaver expert, and he will look after you at every step, with personalised, friendly help. We promise no call centres!

We are not KiwiSaver providers. Tim is your personal financial adviser and is not affiliated to any particular fund or investment provider. That means Tim can independently help you get on track for your retirement or first home, by simply checking your KiwiSaver savings are invested in the best way. Many Kiwis just get slotted into a ‘default fund’, but you will be much better off by making an active choice.

Our goal is to help New Zealanders get the most out of KiwiSaver. Whatever your priorities are, we will find a market leading fund that’s tailored for you.

Our advice is completely free-of-charge. Unbiased complimentary help that will help you maximise your KiwiSaver money.

Tim Waldon

Already Have A KiwiSaver Set-up?

3 Steps To Check You’re On Track


5 Minute Form

Step One

Complete our simple KiwiSaver questionnaire so we can understand what’s important to you. It’s super quick to fill out and gives us a clear picture of what KiwiSaver funds will match your needs.


Personalised Match

Step Two

Tim will use his vast experience to match your answers against the market options open to you. He will send you a personalised report with his recommendation.

Stick or Shift

Step Three

Now you get to choose. Stick with your current KiwiSaver fund or Shift to a new fund recommended by us. We’ll completely handle that move for you if you decide to shift to another KiwiSaver fund. So it’s all super easy.

Don’t Have KiwiSaver Set-up?

Grab a coffee with Tim or make the call to get yourself set-up.

If you’re employed, starting a KiwiSaver will unlock contributions for your future first home deposit and/or retirement from both the government and your employer. That’s got to be great news.

If you run your own business and are not sure which path to choose, Tim would love to help you map out your options. KiwiSaver can be a great option.

Call Tim today on 027-423-0110

Or send us a message and any questions on this form. We’ll come straight back to you.


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